Villasimius and the south of Sardinia
are among the most evocative and interesting areas of the whole island,
an ideal tourist resort for a dream vacation.

Its territory constitutes the heart of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara
where colonies of gorgonians hide the charm of discovering wrecks from every era.

Long beaches of white sand, transparent and clear sea waters,
in a succession of coves with intense and always different colors
surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and centuries-old junipers
that line the beaches with granite rocks sculpted by the mistral with a thousand features.

Villasimius is a magical place where nature has lavished its gifts,
behind the places there are people, customs, traditions.
Traditions that are handed down through the village festivals rich in folklore and colors
that follow one another in the alternation of the seasons.

 You can’t say you know Villasimius if you don’t know
all its enchanting beaches, wild and unspoiled
or touristically equipped, each with its own characteristics:
fine white sand, round and smooth pebbles, quartz grains similar to rice.
The options are as endless as the colors of the sea:
from turquoise to deep blue through indigo, azure and emerald green,

Villasimius is also a town rich in history:
there are in fact several archaeological sites of great importance,
from the Nuragic age but not only, found in the surrounding area.
Discovering them means transforming a holiday into a special journey
and transforming a destination into an unforgettable place of the heart.

Villasimius is also the portal from which to get to know an extraordinary
and enchanted island with a wealth of riches for the eyes and the mind
that offers unique emotions, traveling through time, visiting places and monuments
from a mysterious past in a folklore party which lasts 12 months a year.
The Old Fortress, the Tower of Porto Giunco ​​and the Archaeological Museum of Villasimius
are just some of the attractions of our territory.

The Sardinia is a unique land,
with breathtaking natural scenery and countless testimonies of ancient civilizations.

You can explore the many attractions of the capital Cagliari,
such as the Archaeological Museum, with its Giants of Monti Prama ;
continue on the west coast to the  Archaeological Site of Nora ;
enter the heart of Sardinia,
to visit the Reggia di Barumini or the Caves of Ulassai .

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